1A pioneer in the quest for solutions to monitor, control and reduce its customers’ fuel bills for over 30 years, Renault Trucks is today entering a new era. Beyond the solutions and technologies it proposes, the “All for fuel eco” approach marks the company’s and its network’s commitment to reducing Renault Trucks’ vehicles day-to-day fuel consumption from the first to the last kilometre.

The fuel item in hauliers’ operating costs is one of the major issues affecting road transport. As a pioneer in fuel saving over the past 30 years, Renault Trucks is now entering a new phase with the launch of its “All for fuel eco” approach. With the whole of Renault Trucks and its network on board, “All for fuel eco” means that every customer can benefit from the manufacturer’s considerable fuel saving know-how.

In truck design, Renault Trucks designers and engineers are working on technical solutions that produce palpable fuel savings. But the manufacturer’s work does not stop when the vehicle comes off the line. Once the truck is on the road, Renault Trucks’ network and its experts are there to provide the best solutions to transporters so as to maintain and improve the truck’s fuel consumption performance throughout its service life. From the handover of the keys to training in rational driving via consumption monitoring and analysis or adjustments in the workshop through regular maintenance, Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Solutions offer transporters numerous performance improvement levers to enhance their vehicles’ and their fleets’ fuel consumption. And the results are easy to comprehend: for a fleet, consumption gains can reach 15%.

All for fuel eco” is the natural next-step of a process begun in 1975 with the launch of the first inclusion of rational driving training (named Optifuel Training in 1998). These trainings were supplemented in 1997 with the first consumption, monitoring and analysis solution, Optifuel Infomax software. In 2006, Renault Trucks combined its overall technology and service offering, optimising their complementary features to produce the Optifuel Solutions pack.

In parallel with these solutions to reduce conventional-engine vehicle consumption, Renault Trucks has also developed a range of vehicles driven by alternative technologies (electric, hybrid and natural gas) under the Clean Tech label.

This means that customers can access a wide range of fuel-saving solutions according to the way they use their vehicles, and Renault Trucks is at their side to help them choose the right truck, with the right energy, at the right place, at the right time.

Today, through the “All for fuel eco” approach, each designer, each engineer, each salesman, each repair technician and each trainer puts everything into achieving the same objective: reducing fuel consumption of Renault Trucks vehicles from design through to use, from the first to the last kilometre.