Renault Trucks has reiterated its desire to work ever more closely with its customers through an increasingly dense coverage of geographical areas. Over recent months, more than 20 new sales and service outlets have opened in Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Italy). Renault Trucks also intends to increase its presence in Africa (Algeria, Angola), the Middle East (Iraq), Asia (Lebanon) and Latin America (Peru).


In Germany, Renault Trucks has densified its network since the summer of 2011, with four new service partners. In the south of the country, two outlets have been inaugurated: one near Ulm (Ludwig Kurz Autohaus Gmbh) and the other in the suburbs of Regensburg (Hackl Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh). Renault Trucks has also raised its visibility in the north of the country with two new service outlets; one in the Hamburg region (Skandic Service Gmbh) and the other near Osnabrück (HiKu Nutzfahrzeug Gmbh).

The Renault Trucks network has also been expanding in Poland. After Biascan, Omni and Moto Elzet Klodzko in the first half of 2011, two new sites have been inaugurated recently: Wimex, in the east of the country just three hours from Warsaw, and On road Truck Services SA 30 kilometres from the capital. These sites provide maintenance and servicing of commercial vehicles.

In the Czech Republic, in the Liberec region, Renault Trucks is represented by CSAD Turnov, which opened an after-sales counter last October.

In Russia, the brand is now focusing on two major areas: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Two new dealers, one in the north and the other south of Saint Petersburg, have upped Renault Trucks’ coverage in those zones. The success of the Renault Kerax, which is particularly suited to the country’s extreme weather conditions, will need support, and this comes with the opening of two new service points in Siberia this year.

A little further south in Europe – Spain – the Renault Trucks network has expanded with the opening of seven new service points in Andalusia (Camion World Girona, Talleres Hermatrucks SL et Alonso y Ruano CB), Catalonia (MT Trucks-Lleida et Trucks-Seo), Galicia, and finally in the province of Léon (Bielae). The latter increases Renault Trucks’ presence in the northwest area of the Iberian peninsula. The company is strategically located in the communication hub between Lugo, Coruña and Ourense, the three coastal provinces that make up the region of Galicia.

In Italy, a new service outlet near Milan (Erga) and tree dealerships: near Rome (Autocar), in the east of Sicily (Mavi) and near Turin (Savcam) have also been inaugurated. Savcam, is in the province of Turin, where Renault Trucks is well represented, and where there is high demand for commercial vehicles.

Renault Trucks’ presence has also been bolstered in Africa, in the countries of the Maghreb first of all, and most particularly Algeria. In Oran and Mascara, where most of the country’s business activity takes place, a new service outlet has opened, and a second is planned for the months ahead. The brand continues to grow in stature in the south of the country, where different local service outlets have opened.

Also, two service outlets are being set up in Angola, particularly in Viana. The French manufacturer is now highly visible in the centre, the north and the south of the country.

In the Middle East, Renault Trucks is increasing its presence this year, and more particularly in Iraq. The opening of two new service outlets around the Baghdad dealership will see business grow and Renault Trucks’ national coverage increase.

Last December, Renault Trucks signed with the importer Rymco for exclusive distribution in Lebanon. This country is a promising market for Renault Trucks. The French manufacturer sold 33 vehicles to the company Averda this year, one of the biggest waste management companies in the country. The latter will receive 17 new Renault Trucks vehicles in the course of this year.

Finally, the French manufacturer is also rolling out its operations in South America, on the back of the 2012 Dakar rally in Peru to inaugurate the first outlet in this country. Commercial activities will begin this month via the R.T Peru SAV dealership. The latter will be located on the country’s main highway, the Panamericana Sur.