Renault KERAX 8X8 : concentrated pulling power

A truck capable of negotiating the roughest terrain, Renault Kerax has a long-established record for robustness. Renault Trucks is now extending the scope of its offering by introducing an 8x8 version, designed to operate in the most inaccessible environments and under the most challenging conditions. Its eight powered wheels and reinforced chassis enable it to satisfy the most exacting demands in activities such as earthmoving, mining or oil prospection. The Kerax 8x8 is available with power ratings from 430 - 460 hp with Euro V engines and 440 hp with Euro III engines on international markets.

keraxRenault Trucks offers one of the broadest and most comprehensive range of AWD (all wheel drive) vehicles on the market. These include the Midlum 4x4, the Premium Lander OptiTrack and the Kerax 6x6. To meet the growing demand for vehicles with high pulling power, Renault Trucks is extending this offering with a new configuration: the Kerax 8x8. This is a new version with outstanding pulling power particularly designed for applications such as oil prospection, building material transport, mining support operations and earthmoving in challenging environments. It has everything needed to satisfy the most exacting customers who demand the highest possible performance in terms of mobility and resilience.  The Kerax DXi 11 8x8 particularly stands out by having eight driven wheels on multiple axles (two steering axles in the front and two drive axles in the rear). This enables it to negotiate practically any obstacle and overcome the roughest terrain. Its chassis is reinforced and extended enabling it to handle GCW loads of more than 50 t.

For customers, the Kerax 8x8 proves to be a valuable asset in terms of productivity. For its load capacity and robustness make it a truck to be relied on throughout the year, whatever conditions it is operated in. In addition, its DXi 11 engine makes fuel consumption one of the lowest in its category.

This vehicle, until now only available on international markets and in Poland, is now available throughout Europe with the DXi 11 Euro V engine, and in a Euro III version for international markets.

This new version offers an even more remarkable demonstration of the obstacle clearance qualities offered by the Kerax since, in particular, it boasts the best approach angle on the market

(between 26° and 31° depending on the type of tyres used) and a ground clearance of 340 mm in front and 360 mm in the rear. Furthermore, its mechanical properties have been tried and tested for many years in the most challenging situations and in all weathers, as was the case during the Cape to Cape expedition when six Kerax and six Sherpas travelled from the North Cape in Norway to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.