Destination Peru for Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks is pursuing its engagement with the world's best-known rally by sending two of the brand's most emblematic vehicles, a Renault Kerax and a Sherpa, to take part. This year, the rally's arrival in Peru coincides with Renault Trucks' arrival on this new market, one of the most dynamic in South America.

DakarRenault Trucks stays with its customers wherever they may be, including in a rally taking place under extreme conditions - ideal terrain for demonstrating its vehicles' qualities. During the 15 days of the event, two technicians will be on board a Kerax to provide assistance to the trucks taking part in the rally as well as those providing the logistic backup. A Sherpa will also be taking part, getting the local press as close as possible to the competitors, and giving them the opportunity of discovering this unique vehicle's ability to withstand the toughest challenges.

This year, for the first time, the rally includes Peru on its route. The brand will be kicking off its commercial activities in this country at the beginning of 2012 via an exclusive dealer, R.T. PERÚ S.A.C. The Peruvian market is highly dynamic and truck sales keep pace with the country's growth. In 2011, the total Peruvian market stood at 6,000 trucks over 16 t from all brands. Renault Trucks will be making its bid to break into this market with two product ranges: the Kerax for the mining industry and construction sector, and the Premium Long Distance for road haulage. R.T. PERU S.A.C. will be opening its dealership at the end of February on the Panamericana Sur, the country's main trunk road.

Renault Trucks has been operating in South America for 9 years. The manufacturer currently has 17 sales and service outlets in Argentina. In Chile, the brand is represented by Salfa, a Chilean company known for its optimal coverage of the country, via its 12 branches. Argentina, Chile and Peru will be the South American countries where the brand will see its strongest growth over the next few years.